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Los Angeles CA Ductless Mini Split Services by Econo Air

If you’re interested in having a ductless mini split system installed in your home, or if your unit needs repair, call the Los Angeles, CA ductless mini split experts at Econo Air. For over 30 years, we have been providing the Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside areas with quality and honest heating and air conditioning services. Our Los Angeles air conditioning technicians are NATE–certified and have experience working on all types of HVAC systems—including ductless mini splits. We are dedicated to your home’s comfort and to providing you with services that exceed your expectations and our own high standards. We’ve become one of the largest providers of ductless mini split installation, repair, and maintenance services in Southern California because we’ve remained committed to 3 core values: safety, quality, and service. When you’re ready to work with a LA heating and air conditioning contractor that respects your home and deals with you honestly, call Econo Air. We provide a huge range of services for any budget. Give us a call today to talk with one of our friendly Los Angeles air conditioning and heating technicians.

Los Angeles CA Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini split heating and air conditioning systems have been around for a very long time but have only recently begun to gain popularity among homeowners in the United States. As their name implies, ductless mini split heating and AC systems don’t use ducts to move air throughout your home. Instead, each room or zone has its own wall–mounted unit that circulates air. The wall–mounted units contain an evaporator coil that removes heat in cooling mode and adds heat in heating mode. Each individual unit is connected to an outdoor condensing unit that exhausts the heat into the air and circulates refrigerant to each of the indoor units.

Los Angeles CA Ductless Mini Split Installation

For homes or buildings that don’t have the space for traditional ductwork, the ductless mini split is a terrific option. Call the Los Angeles, CA ductless mini split installation experts at Econo Air. Our LA heating and cooling specialists can put together a custom plan for your home that will address its unique needs as well as your budget. We choose to devote this kind of specific and individualized attention to each of our client’s projects because we know that it produces a superior result. The installation process for ductless mini split systems is actually quite easy. A small hole needs to be cut into the wall to allow the refrigerant lines and electrical wires to connect to the unit. After that, the units are mounted to the wall and connected to the outdoor condenser.

Los Angeles CA Ductless Mini Split Repair

Ductless mini split systems are some of the most efficient and reliable HVAC systems on the market. But like every other piece of equipment, they may eventually break down. Contact the Los Angeles, CA ductless mini split repair specialists at Econo Air today if your home isn’t getting enough cooling or heating or if your ductless mini split system has started to make strange noises. Our Los Angeles HVAC specialists can fix the problem. We have years of experience working with countless systems and have seen all different types of problems. We provide a 1–year warranty on our parts and labor so if something goes wrong just give us a call.

Los Angeles CA Ductless Mini Split Maintenance

No matter what kind of heating or air conditioning system you have, getting it regularly inspected and maintained by a professional is a great way to make sure that it works well. With all the use that your ductless mini split AC and heating system gets it will start to develop small problems and issues. There’s no way for you to know if those problems exist until they cause your ductless mini split to stop working. But when you hire a professional to inspect and clean your system, he will look for any problems and recommend solutions before they can cause any damage. Call the Los Angeles, CA heat pump maintenance technicians at Econo Air today to set up regular maintenance visits for your home.

The Los Angeles air conditioning experts at Econo Air offer repair, installation and other air conditioning and heating services throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside County.